Expert talks about ways to reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian gas

Alexander Amirazhyan, an expert at the Center for Strategic Studies, said that renewable energy sources can reduce the EU’s dependence on Russian gas, but the effect of this will appear years later.

The expert added: “Against the backdrop of the energy crisis and complications in relations with Russia, the EU has put forward the REPowerEU plan, which aims to significantly reduce energy imports from Russia. One of the three directions of this plan is to accelerate the development of renewable energy, which should ensure energy security and in ultimately reduce energy prices in the region, but everyone should be aware that these measures will not have an immediate effect, and their results will appear at best in a few years.

According to him, the main focus in Europe is on the development of solar energy, the expansion of the use of biomethane and the production and consumption of “green” hydrogen.

He said: “Russian natural gas is used in the European Union not only to generate electricity, but also as a raw material in industry and as a source of heating in homes. Ultimately, Russian gas can be released from electricity generation in the European Union. To a large extent through the development of renewable sources of energy and other types of energy.” The production but sale of Russian gas to the industry requires the development of alternative gas supplies to the region (mainly liquefied natural gas) and the reduction of consumption by increasing energy efficiency.

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