"Europe says goodbye to its green agenda"Media: Europe returns to coal

The Greek newspaper Proto Tema reported that Europe is returning to coal and preparing for a harsh winter in light of fears that Russia will cut off natural gas supplies to European countries.

And an article for a Greek newspaper said: “Europe is beginning to realize that after a period of economic pressure and sanctions on Moscow, which have not yet had a significant impact, Moscow is using energy mainly for a “response”, and there is an opportunity to completely cut off gas supplies to European countries. , and since Moscow’s energy independence is taking a long time, so Europe is switching to coal, fearing disruptions in Russian gas supplies, even calling for less use of air conditioners.

The newspaper pointed out that the biggest problem for the European economy is inflation, and Europe is expected to face difficult times in the coming months due to the intensification of the economic war with Russia.

According to the publication, Russia can resist Western sanctions, pointing out that Russia has moved to “retaliatory measures” in recent days, such as a 40 percent cut in Russian gas supplies to Europe.

The newspaper stated that “Europe will face horrendous scenarios on its way to achieving energy independence from Russia.”

The shift to coal is a temporary issue, and long-term climate change targets won’t change, European officials say, but no one can be sure yet how long “temporary solutions” will last.

Source: RIA Novosti

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