She unmasked him after he refused to shake hands with her son: Leaked photo of Pique with blonde

Since the breakup of famed duo Gerard Piqué and Shakira broke, rumors have circulated about the personal life of the Barcelona defender, who is said to have a hectic lifestyle.

And the English newspaper The Sun quoted the Socialite program that Piqué went to the Swedish capital of Stockholm to attend an international summit called “Wonderful Minds”, which is a conference that brings together successful individuals from all over the world, and he was present as CEO belonging to him investment group “Cosmos”.

The newspaper pointed out that while in Stockholm, Piqué attended a crowded party “which was attended by a large number of world famous people.”

Ekaterina Zhitomirskaya, a popular blogger and TV presenter in her native Sweden, revealed some details of the party, confirming that Piqué was there with the blonde.

“Piquet wore a black jacket like everyone else,” Zhitomirskaya told Socialite.

“This is a special party in Stockholm. It was still not too late, 12 o’clock at night.

According to her statements, Piqué met with Alicia Keys, Naomi Campbell and Edward Norton, as well as with important personalities and businessmen.

She also confirmed that mobile phones are not prohibited at the party and that you can take photos and videos.

A Swedish blogger sent a reprimand message to Becky via her Instagram account after she refused to shake her son’s hand, saying: “Listen to me, loser, I was being honest with you when I asked you to say hello to my son, but you said No”.

She continued: “Why? The guy who can move the ball? It doesn’t impress me very much. What makes me sad is that the fame has already reached your head, which is a pity. You’re just a guy with a ball. But do you know what karma is?”

The hype caused by the depiction of Zhitomirskaya’s revenge led to the privatization of her Instagram account.

Source: Sun

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