Ethiopia starts third storage at Renaissance Dam

Water resources expert Abbas Sharaki said that the third reservoir of the Renaissance dam began today, Monday, as satellite imagery showed that the water level in the lake began to exceed the level seen last year.

Sharafi told RT that the water began to exceed the level of the lake compared to last year, as some small islands disappeared in the dam lake, and the water level approached the Sarg dam, and the water began to move away from it for about a kilometer. with the hope of touching its walls soon.

He said: “Storage is expected to continue until the end of this month if two drainage locks (60-70 million m3/day) continue to open at 590 meters above sea level for the middle corridor (with a margin of about 4 billion m3), or on August 5 at the level of 595 meters (with a reserve of 5.5 billion m3), bringing the total volume of the storage to 12 billion m3 at the level of 590 m3, or 13.5 billion m3 at the level of 595 m. At the end of storage, the water will be overflow from the top of the middle passage.

Nasser Hatem

Source: RT

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