Erdogan: Turkey plays an important role in opening channels of dialogue, and it can do it between Russia and Ukraine

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara plays an important role in opening channels, and in the future it may open channels between Russia and Ukraine, as it did in resolving the issue of grain stuck in Ukrainian ports.

This is stated in a speech delivered by President Erdogan on Sunday at the graduation ceremony of Ibn Khaldun University students in Istanbul.

Erdogan has made it clear that his country has been able to maintain good diplomatic relations with the countries of the region, despite the recent instability and turmoil, without compromising its political, economic and military interests.

He stressed that Turkey is moving forward towards achieving the 2023 goals and the 2053 vision through the democracy and development it has provided for the past 20 years.

Over the past period, Turkey, according to Erdogan, has been fighting guardian forces, terrorist organizations and coup d’état.

The President of Turkey informed the students about the educational leaps that Turkey has made in recent years, the main of which is the increase in the number of universities.

“Thanks to the human strength that we create, we will solve the problems that humanity is suffering from at the moment,” he said.

Source: Anatolia

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