Kyiv makes new allegations and allegations against Belarus and warns of worst-case scenarios

Deputy Interior Minister of Ukraine Yevgeny Yenin announced the participation of Minsk in the Russian special operation, suggesting that Belarusian forces would most likely be sent to participate in the hostilities in Ukraine.

And the Ukrainian website Telegraph quotes Yenin as saying that “according to all the laws of war, Belarus joined the military aggression long ago. But the role of Belarus can be more active.”

According to Inin, although Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko avoids active participation in Russia’s war against Ukraine in every possible way. However, “you do not need to reassure yourself that this will succeed indefinitely. We do not rule out that Russia will be able to put pressure on Belarus, and for this reason we must proceed from the worst-case scenario.”

According to a Ukrainian official, Kyiv is beefing up engineering equipment for the defense of Kyiv and nearby regions of Belarus, explaining that “we have strengthened both the administrative system and the counterintelligence system on the northern border to the maximum”, noting the introduction of “separate special combat operations aimed at identifying suspicious elements . “Among the local population, the search for servicemen of the Russian army.”

Enin stressed that the security forces are working out huge arrays of operational information in order to search for “collaborators”, caches of weapons and “potential supporters” of the Russian government among the local population in the border areas.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Ukrainian army and nationalists are interrogating citizens of their country to find out if they have relatives in Russia and to check their loyalty to the Kyiv regime. “According to our information, state and municipal employees, under the threat of dismissal by militants of national formations and employees of the State Security Department, are forced to fill out questionnaires about their relatives in Russia, the nature of their contacts, the presence of acquaintances or neighbors. who express their dissatisfaction with the actions of the political leadership of Ukraine, and all those suspected of loyalty to Russia were arrested and taken away in an unknown direction,” noting that dozens of detainees did not return to their homes, and their fate remains unknown.

Source: Ukrainian Telegraph website

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