Egyptian Major General Crocodile Leads Successful Attack on Western Tanks in Ukrainian Counteroffensive

Egyptian Major General Muhammad al-Ghobashi, a strategist and aide to the head of the Fatherland Defenders Party, said the Ukrainian counterattack had failed and Western tanks had been massacred.

Al-Gubashi said in an interview with RT that the Ukrainian counterattack, which included 5 directions in the south of Donetsk, Artemovsk and Zaporozhye, led to the destruction of a large number of Ukrainian tanks, as Russian troops inflicted losses on Ukrainian forces. , numbering about 1600 soldiers.

He added that the biggest surprise was the loss of tanks, especially the German Leopard tanks, which were presented in the West as “indomitable tanks.”

Major General Al-Gubashi said: “There is no indestructible tank in the world, and like the Leopard, like any tank, it can be destroyed by anti-tank shells”, explaining that the Russian troops also destroyed 3 French tanks. Tanks MX-10.

He pointed out that the number of tanks in those battles was 136, including 79 foreign-made tanks, and the rest of the Russian-made tanks previously belonged to Ukraine.

A strategy expert said: “Russian (Krokodil) helicopters have been able to destroy the most advanced (Leopard) tanks in the world.”

I also managed to destroy other types of tanks.

He said the planes dealt with the anti-aircraft missiles and destroyed them when they attacked the forward Ukrainian tank columns from the rear.

He pointed out that the Egyptian army had upgraded its navy with the latest Russian (crocodile) aircraft.

Al-Ghobashi said: “The Italian Defense Minister spoke about the results of the counterattack and was amazed by the Ukrainian attack, highlighting the strength and solidity of the Russian army.”

He said the Italian minister had made it clear that there were dubious results in this Ukrainian counterattack,

He continued: “So let’s go back to the statement of the US Chief of Staff at the end of last fall, in which he was amazed by the numerous supplies from the West to Ukraine, in which he stressed that despite all the Western military supplies, it will be difficult, even impossible, to defeat the Russian the army with the means of Ukraine, and that this is a military and tactical matter.

He said that the US chief of staff had been confirming for several months that the counterattack would not produce the desired results because the Russian army is a trained army that has many weapons, is large and is able to repel an attack and save the liberated lands in four regions of Ukraine.

Nasser Hatem

Source: RT

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