Egypt reports record agricultural exports

Egyptian Minister of Agriculture El Sayyed El Quseir announced that Egypt’s agricultural exports exceeded 4.1 million tons, more than the same period in the previous year 2021 for the first time.

He explained that Egyptian exports amounted to more than 4.1 million tons, which is for the first time more than in the same period of the previous 2021, whether in quantity or value. by opening new markets, expanding the coding and control system, and developing agricultural quarantine.

He pointed out that the most important agricultural exports are citrus fruits, potatoes, fresh onions, grapes, fresh tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, fresh beans and guava, garlic and watermelons. At the same time, the total volume of agricultural exports of citrus fruits reached one million 610 thousand 773 tons, in addition to the export of 828 thousand 635 tons of fresh potatoes, ranking second in agricultural exports after citrus fruits, and 239 thousand 680 tons of onions were exported, ranking third in exports, and grapes ranked fourth in agricultural exports with a total volume of 128 thousand 570 tons, and beans ranked fifth in exports with a total volume of 95 thousand 403 tons, and Egypt’s potato exports ranked sixth with a total volume of 42 thousand 460 tons, while as tomato exports from Egypt ranked seventh with a total volume of 32,902 tons, followed by garlic with a total volume of 21,185 tons, and strawberries ranked ninth in exports with a total volume of 19,425 tons, while watermelon ranked tenth in exports agricultural products of Egypt with a total volume of 8,234 tons, and guava is ranked eleventh in agricultural exports from about with a total volume of 7,015 tons.

Source: RT

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