Egypt bans travel companies from dealing with foreign currency

Egyptian media reported, citing sources in the Chamber of Tourism Companies, that inspection campaigns have been launched against companies from 5 parties, led by the Ministry of Tourism, to inspect working with clients exclusively in Egyptian pounds.

The source added that the verification of the companies is to deal with all customers in Egyptian pounds and not in foreign currencies, pointing out that they go to banks for foreign currency exchange and then make transactions in Egyptian pounds with the company. with which to deal.

The source indicated that anyone who violates the instructions of the travel companies will be punished by the revocation and suspension of the license of the violating company.

Earlier, a letter sent by the General Secretary of the Chamber of Tourist Companies Usama Amara to the Tourist Guide Syndicate, which is introducing new measures to control guides in the implementation of programs for tourists visiting tourist and archaeological sites, caused discontent within the Tourist Guide Syndicate.

Among the control measures, the guide did not deal with local minibuses and the obligation to deal only with vehicles with a tourist license, otherwise the guide’s license will be revoked in case of violation, which caused controversy in the Tourist Guide Syndicate because the Chamber of Tourist Companies does not have the right to revoke tour guide license.

The Syndicate of Tourist Guides in Sinai sent a letter to the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Ahmed Essa, objecting to the incident from the Chamber of Tourist Companies and demanding an official apology from the Chamber of Tourist Companies to the guides.

Source: Cairo 24

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