Former Pentagon adviser: Washington is aware of the imminent defeat of Kyiv

Retired colonel and former Pentagon adviser Douglas McGregor said that Washington is aware of the imminent defeat of Kyiv and wants to put tanks in Ukraine only to prolong the hostilities.

He said: “I think they see it as a lost cause… The defeat of Ukraine is inevitable and inevitable, and the US administration is trying to figure out how to prolong this suffering,” noting that “the prevailing mood in Washington (regarding the outcome of the crisis in Ukraine) has changed dramatically “. It’s clear”.

The US is pushing Europe, and especially Germany, towards what is legally considered “armed aggression,” McGregor said, adding: “I think the Germans are currently interested in stopping this.”

Earlier, the Wall Street Journal reported that the US administration was moving towards supplying Ukraine with American M1 Abrams tanks, and that the delivery could be announced this week, but US officials have not yet made their decision.

The newspaper pointed out that the move could be part of a diplomatic deal between the US and Germany to encourage the latter to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine or allow other countries, such as Poland, to provide tanks of this type to Kyiv.

Politico also reported that the US could send at least 30 Abrams tanks to Ukraine as military aid.

Two US administration officials told the newspaper that the announcement of the delivery could take place as early as this week. According to the newspaper, military equipment will be purchased, and will not be allocated from existing US stocks.

Source: TASS

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