Ecuador.. Clashes between police and protesters

Ecuadorian police used tear gas to disperse indigenous demonstrators who tried to storm the Congress building.

The government allowed the protesters to enter the indigenous cultural center surrounded by police as a sign of concession to the protesters, but the march ended in clashes with police.

Police fired tear gas at protesters who threw rocks at police and set fire to firecrackers.

Clashes between police and protesters left 3 people dead, more than 90 injured and more than 90 arrested as a state of emergency was declared in 6 of the country’s 24 provinces. . Police said 117 police and security personnel were injured.

Protests have been ongoing in Ecuador since June 13 as indigenous people demand lower fuel prices, food price controls and higher health and education spending, unemployment and deteriorating living conditions.

Protesters blocked roads in many areas, hindering economic activity in various areas.

President Guillermo Lasso’s government is refusing to cut subsidized fuel prices, which would cost the budget an additional $1 billion a year.

Government figures show that the country’s economy is losing about $50 million a day because of the protests.

Source: AFP.

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