Russia is working to return more than $100 million after the cancellation of tournaments

Deputy Minister of Sports of Russia Andrei Fedorov said that, together with the Russian Olympic Committee, he is carrying out various activities to return funds spent on preparations for the planned tournaments in Russia.

“To date, 186 international events have been postponed, 36 of which are major: world championships and the like. The total contributions paid by Russia for these competitions amounted to more than 70 million dollars, and more than 30 million euros,” Fedorov said. According to RIA Novosti, more than 5 million Swiss francs. The federal budget funds make up the bulk, more than $40 million, 4 million euros and 5 million Swiss francs.”

According to the Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation, an important part of the work of the Ministry of Sports is to appeal against decisions of international federations to cancel sports competitions scheduled for the season (2022-2023) in Russia.

Fedorov noted that in cooperation with the International Chess Federation (FIDE), a decision was made to return the funds in full, more than one million 830 thousand euros, and this amount has already been transferred to the Yogra budget, which was for the Olympic Games.

He added that the International Boxing Federation and the Russian Boxing Federation had entered into an agreement on the return of 5 million Swiss francs.

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