Dozens of Israeli Air Force Reservists Refuse Military Service

Dozens of Israeli reserve force pilots announced their withdrawal from training this week in protest against the judicial amendments.

Israeli media report different figures for the number of pilots who refrained from participating in the exercise: while the Haaretz newspaper reported that their number had reached 180, the Israel Broadcasting Authority reported that their number had reached 450, including 50 observers, 40 operators parades, as well as 200 people. other members of the security system.

The Israel Broadcasting Authority said the soldiers would not participate in the exercise, except in times of emergency, as an operational activity, noting that the army would not issue recruitment orders to them in the coming days.

A reserve officer with the rank of Major, who holds a senior position in the Israel Special Operations Directorate, said the threats facing Israel are internal, not external, noting that the approval of the new judicial plan will turn Israeli citizens into subjects of a “non-“democratic” state. , emphasizing his determination to refuse obedience because he realizes the truth. The current government considers itself above the law and is not bound by it.

For his part, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “I expect the Police Commissioner to prevent street closures due to protests” and prevent daily life from being disrupted, and take all necessary measures against those who incite against the Prime Minister. his family and members of the Knesset without complacent.

He instructed the chief of staff to promptly resolve the issue of non-conscription, pointing out that non-conscription has no place in public discourse, stating: “A country that values ​​life cannot tolerate such phenomena.”

Source: RT + Israeli media

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