Europe’s Defense Industry Revealed to Have Weaknesses in Financial Times Report

In an article published by the Financial Times, the reason for the delay in the production of weapons and ammunition destined for Ukraine is due to the lack of explosive materials in the European Union.

The newspaper pointed out, citing European officials, that the EU military-industrial complexes are unable to produce weapons and ammunition for the Ukrainian forces due to the lack of stocks of gunpowder, explosives and TNT, regardless of the amount of money invested in solving this problem.

The newspaper pointed out that the Ukrainian crisis revealed a shortage of stocks of weapons in the European Union, its weak production capacity, and the growing demand for weapons and ammunition in Europe could lead to higher prices, which have already risen by a fifth. since last year.

A German official told the newspaper that European countries “are unable to intensify their military production to meet the great needs of Ukraine.”

In the same context, the Czech state-owned company Explosia said its production of 155mm artillery ammunition is operating at “full capacity” and production volumes will not increase until 2026.

The CEO of Fábrica Municiones de Granada (FMG) noted that the cost of some basic materials needed for production has tripled.

According to him, the production of a conventional rocket today costs 850 euros, which is 20% more than before the start of the special operation in Ukraine.

The need to look for new places for military production was hinted at by representatives of the largest defense companies in Europe, in India, Korea and other countries.

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