Dozens injured in clashes in Turkey

Yesterday, Sunday, the office of the governor of the Turkish city of Batman reported that as a result of an armed clash with the use of firearms, stones and sticks in the Bashiri area, 54 people were injured, 5 of whom were seriously injured.

Batman Wali’s office said in a statement that “a dispute broke out between 7 families of an old feud in Yuntokiazi village of Bashiri district yesterday around 6:00 pm,” noting that “54 people were injured, two of them with firearms and one with a cutting tool, Others were beaten with sticks, stones and fists.”

The statement stated that “the gendarmerie forces intervened in the incident and took the necessary security measures in the village and took control of the situation immediately after the quarrel occurred.”

“An investigation has been launched into the incident, and additional security measures have been taken by the police,” the department said.

Source: “Time”

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