Beijing warns of "big storms" In the Taiwan Strait, in case of violation of the principle "one porcelain"

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned of “dark clouds” and “violent storms” that could overwhelm the shores of the Taiwan Strait if the One China principle is challenged.

“Stability on both sides of the Taiwan Strait depends on adhering to the One China principle. When the one China principle is fully recognized, all aspects of the Taiwan Strait will develop peacefully,” Wang Yi said in a speech to the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta on Monday. When the One China Law is challenged or undermined, clouds or even violent storms will engulf the shores of the Taiwan Strait.”

He pointed out that the reason for today’s tension in the Taiwan Strait is the refusal of the island’s authorities to reach a consensus in 1992, reflecting the principle of “one China”.

“They are undermining relations on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and continue to follow the path of dependence on foreign countries in search of independence,” he added.

He stressed that the US is trying to play the Taiwan card to “undermine and contain China’s development.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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