Days of Disaster: A Terrifyingly Realistic RPG-Survival Game Coming September 21 for All Systems

Days of Disaster

Game Release Date

Publisher and Developer Announcement

Publisher Atari and developer Sneakybox announced that Days of Disaster will be released on September 21 for all
current systems. We’re already looking forward to a new gameplay trailer and the press release includes
additional words:

Game Description

In Days of Disaster, the phrase ‘hell on earth’ takes a terrifyingly realistic turn.
Players must fight against all kinds of unholy monsters that have risen from the depths of the underworld. The
supernatural dangers know no bounds and it is up to players to build, expand and maintain a safe haven for the
last remaining humans in the middle of a treacherous wasteland. You recruit a group of heroes to defeat hordes
of zombies, ghosts, looters and more and reach the hideout.

Gameplay Features

Days of Disaster expertly combines RPG and survival elements with intuitive building
mechanics and turn-based team tactics. Players can expect endless surprises and challenges with every playthrough.
Days of Disaster is different. The procedurally generated game world and unpredictability of enemy encounters ensure
that every run represents a new opportunity to hone survival skills.

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