Confiscated Money from Russian Embassy in Warsaw

Russian Ambassador to Warsaw Sergei Andreev said that the Polish prosecutor’s office confiscated the funds of the Russian embassy and trade representation after they were frozen in Santander Bank, which stopped cooperation with the Russian side.

Andreev told Novosti: “We received a notification from the Prosecutor General’s Office that money was transferred to the accounts of the Prosecutor General’s Office, and these are significant amounts” in US dollars and Polish zlotys.

Ambassador Andreev also called the incident “a flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.”

It is noteworthy that earlier the Polish side froze the accounts of the Russian embassy, ​​allegedly on suspicion that they could be used for money laundering or terrorism.

It should be noted that President Vladimir Putin recently issued a decree placing the assets and funds of unfriendly countries in Russia at the disposal of the Russian Federal State Property Administration in anticipation of these countries seizing Russia’s assets.

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