Hungary’s Request to Lift Sanctions Against Russia Rejected by President of the European Commission

A Hungarian official said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen had rejected Hungary’s call to lift the sanctions imposed on Russia.

This was announced today, Wednesday, by the head of the Association of Hungarian Cities, Karoly Sita, who is the mayor of Kaposvár, the administrative center of the Somogy region in the southwest of the country.

And he said that in early October he sent a letter to von der Leyen with a request to change the policy of Brussels sanctions against Moscow, since it did not achieve its goals and suffers primarily from the EU countries.

The initiative was supported by over 80% of Hungarian municipalities or 25,001 local authorities. “Recently, we received a response (from the president of the European Commission) that the sanctions are good, and that they want to keep them, and we will overcome the difficulties ourselves,” Seth was quoted by advertising media.

The head of the association added: “Unfortunately, today it has become clear that we cannot count on Brussels, as there are still those who are on the side of the war.” He stressed that the Hungarian villages can only count on the country’s government, which supported the villages in the most difficult months of the energy crisis caused by the conflict in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed against Russia.

Seta called on the mayors of all Hungarian cities to support a resolution calling for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine, and stressed that “only in this way can a safe and peaceful life and further development be ensured.”

This call or initiative, which was approved by the Hungarian parliament on the occasion of the anniversary of Russia’s launch of a special military operation in Ukraine, is advisory in nature. It includes calling for peace talks, criticizing Russia’s actions, expressing support for Ukraine, disagreeing with the sanctions policy, and refusing to send weapons to Kyiv.

Source: TASS

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