Chinese Foreign Ministry: Hong Kong affairs do not concern London

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said the UK has no rights in Hong Kong, adding that the issues of Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Taiwan are China’s internal affairs.

Commenting on media reports of British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley’s intention to discuss the issues of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Xinjiang in his upcoming speech, Mao Ning said at a press conference today, Wednesday: “In today’s world, deep integration and many challenges are intertwined, and countries must respond to this in cooperation with the politics of blocs and the mentality of the Cold War, which is contrary to the historical problem and does not coincide with the interests of anyone, including Britain.

She added: “China has always developed its relationship with the UK in the spirit of equality and mutual respect, but Britain clings to the old and reads old statements from outdated texts, which ultimately repels progress.”

She stated that according to the Sino-British memorandum, London has no rights in Hong Kong, noting that the UK ignores the facts about the development of Xinjiang and only listens to lies.

And she continued: “If the UK wants to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, it must adhere to the principle of one China and resolutely oppose separatism.”

The Chinese diplomat also stressed that the issues of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Xinjiang are China’s internal affairs, and no one has the right to interfere in them.

And the Financial Times newspaper previously wrote, citing excerpts from the upcoming speech by British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley, that the minister considers the declaration of a cold war to China a mistake. She added that Cleverley would also say that “a major global problem cannot be solved” without China, adding that his speech will also touch on unresolved issues in UK-China relations, including Taiwan and civil rights in Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

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