Chinese authorities apologize for storming dozens of homes in search of people infected with coronavirus

Chinese authorities have apologized to residents of a closed residential complex in the south of the country after breaking the doors of dozens of houses and storming them in search of “people who were hiding so that they would not be transferred to quarantine centers for coronavirus patients.”

The measure was taken after virus test results showed that several people had become infected in a residential complex in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.

Authorities have been looking for contacts of the infected, who they believe have been hiding to avoid being transferred to quarantine centres.

The Tianmu news site reported that local officials and workers at the apartment complex removed the locks and kicked out the front doors of at least 84 homes.

And that case occurred on the tenth of this month, after the discovery of a large number of people infected with the virus inside the residential complex.

China has a strict “corona zero” policy, which includes no cases of the virus outside of quarantine, which is why quarantine centers are scattered across the country.

Social networking sites and apps posted videos of the intrusions, and the scenes angered many, prompting them to demand the arrest of those involved in their illegal entry into these homes, as Chinese criminal law criminalizes intrusion.

The Guangzhou Liyuan District Government has apologized to the residents of the homes that were broken into, emphasizing that it is “a departure from the requirements to limit the spread of the epidemic.”

Officials in the area said an investigation would be launched into the incident and that anyone involved would be punished.

About a thousand housing estates in China are subject to closure due to the spread of a rapidly spreading substrain of the Omicron strain of the Corona virus.

Source: BBC site.

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