Team Iraq appears in the game "babji"…after Liverpool

Today, Wednesday, the Iraqi Football Association announced via Facebook that it has signed a cooperation agreement with the famous Pubg game.

A statement from the Iraqi Federation via its official account reads: “The Iraqi Football Association announces its partnership with PUBG Mobile, which will support Lions of Mesopotamia, the 2007 Asian Champions. Enjoy the great atmosphere, many activities within this event will be starting soon.”

The Iraqi Federation has not disclosed the implications of this collaboration, but the Pro Company responsible for the partnership has revealed some details on its official website.

“Pro is pleased to announce that we have facilitated the partnership between PUBG Mobile and the Iraqi Football Association,” the company said in a statement.

She added, “Fans of Pubg games will have the opportunity to get limited editions designed specifically for Lions of Rafidain, such as the Iraqi National Football Uniform.”

“We look forward to celebrating this exciting collaboration with the online gaming community in Iraq and the fans of the national team,” she concluded.

And Babji announced in November last year that they had signed a partnership agreement with English club Liverpool, so that some of the club’s clothing and equipment will appear inside the game.

Source: “facebook/Irakfa”

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