China ready to strengthen cooperation with Afghanistan

The press service of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that Afghanistan is still going through a critical stage of transition from chaos to order, stressing Beijing’s readiness to strengthen cooperation with Kabul in various fields.

Speaking to Novosti News Agency on the first anniversary of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, the office said: “A year ago, the United States withdrew its troops from Afghanistan very quickly and left the Afghan people in chaos, but at the same time, the Afghan people received a historic opportunity to command their destiny and their future. His country is in his hands.

He added that last year, thanks to the joint efforts of the international community and the interim government of Afghanistan, Afghanistan managed to prevent a massive influx of refugees, while public order and the security situation in the country began to gradually improve.

He continued, “On the other hand, the economic situation in Afghanistan is still difficult, the threat of terrorism is far from gone, while public administration needs to be improved, and Afghanistan is still going through a critical stage of transition from chaos to order.”

The ministry noted that despite the existing problems, China has been actively supporting the reconstruction of Afghanistan for a long period of time, and trade cooperation between Beijing and Kabul brings tangible benefits to the peoples of the two countries.

“We are ready to further strengthen economic cooperation with Afghanistan in various areas, including trade, economy, transport, agriculture and energy,” he said, recalling that the interim government of Afghanistan has declared its commitment to creating a favorable environment for foreign investors.

He checked: “China supports the investment and operation of Chinese factories in Afghanistan when the security situation allows, and continues to promote their respective projects in Afghanistan.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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