Details of the plan of the President of South Korea "bold"Projects and money for the North in exchange for getting rid of nuclear weapons

South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol has revealed details of his “bold plan” to improve North Korea’s economy, which he announced in his inaugural speech in May, if it takes steps towards denuclearization.

In a speech marking the anniversary of his country’s liberation from Japanese colonialism, the South Korean president stressed that “the denuclearization of North Korea is necessary to achieve lasting peace in the peninsula, in Northeast Asia and throughout the world.”

“The bold initiative that I envision will greatly improve the North Korean economy and the standard of living of the population in stages if it stops the development of its nuclear program and proceeds with denuclearization sincerely and objectively,” Yoon said.

The South Korean president pledged that his country will “implement a massive food program, assist in building infrastructure for the production, transmission and distribution of electricity, and implement projects to modernize ports and airports for international trade.”

Yoon also offered North Korea, if it gives up its nuclear weapons, help to increase agricultural productivity, modernize hospitals and medical infrastructure, and pursue international investment and financial support initiatives.

Source: Yonhap

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