Chile.. Clashes between supporters and opponents of the new draft constitution

Supporters and opponents of the new draft constitution met in Chile in the center of the capital Santiago after two opposing demonstrations were united in one place, according to Agence France-Presse.

A cyclists’ march in support of a new constitution to be voted on September 4 reached Baquedano, known as “Piazza Italia”, where protests have been taking place since October 2019, and collided with another march. a demonstration organized by people opposed to the new constitution, who came from the villages on horseback and wagons.

At the capital’s main roundabout, the two groups exchanged insults and threw stones, and some of the riders were beaten with sticks.

A video broadcast by local TV channels showed a car hitting several cyclists as it crashed into a pro-democracy rally.

This standoff comes on the final day of the campaign leading up to a September 4 referendum in which some 20 million Chileans will be called upon to vote for or against the new constitution.

If the draft of the new constitution is rejected, then the current constitution, written during the era of the authoritarian Pinochet (1973-1990) and amended dozens of times since the return to democracy, will remain in force.

Source: AFP.

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