Carlos Alcaraz Warns Fans About Scammers Using His Name for Fraudulent Meet-Ups and Investments

Rising Tennis Star Carlos Alcaraz Warns Fans About Scammers

Rising Spanish star Carlos Alcaraz has recently gained everyone’s attention in the world of yellow football with great speed due to his outstanding brilliance and excellence at the top of the world rankings.

Carlos Alcaraz Wins Wimbledon Championship

Carlos Alcaraz, 20, won the Wimbledon Championship, the third of four major tennis tournaments, last month, his second Grand Slam title, boosting the rising Spanish star’s popularity as he has millions of social media followers.

Fans Want to Meet Carlos Alcaraz

Many fans of the player of the first racket of the world want to meet and chat with him in a relaxed atmosphere.

Scammers Exploit Carlos Alcaraz’s Popularity

In this regard, the criminal network took advantage of the huge popularity of Alcaraz and used his name to obtain additional money from tennis fans through fraud and deceit, as Carlos himself revealed on social networks.

Carlos Alcaraz Warns His Followers

Carlos Alcaraz sought to send a warning to his followers about the scam after it became clear that the size of the scam was very large.

“I learned that there are people who claim to represent me and offer fans to meet me if they pay for it,” wrote Carlos Alcaraz on social networks.

The Spanish star explained: “My team and I are not behind these extortions. I do not participate in such meetings! My fans are the best. I’m sad that people are trying to take advantage of them.”

Fraud Method

The scammers send messages to Alcaraz’s social media followers posing as members of Alcaraz’s team and talking about a chance meeting with him. For greater persuasiveness, they send a screenshot of the correspondence to the victim’s email address.

Among other things, the “fake” tennis player offers fans a dubious way to earn money: the message says: “I want you to contact a representative of my investment firm.”

To make it even more attractive, the scammers offer everyone who registers on the site $500 within three hours and a chance to win up to 3,500 euros, as they try in every possible way to lure people to the dubious portal.

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