The Evolution of the Video Game Industry: From Creativity to Consumer Demands

It was better before!

The modern video game industry lacks creativity and originality. Instead of coming up with new ideas, there are countless remakes, remasters, and ports. Even when we anticipate the release of a highly anticipated game, it often turns out to be a sequel to an already popular franchise. In the past, we relied on our own instincts and read game descriptions when going to stores. However, now our opinions are influenced by online review sites like Metacritic. We prioritize review scores over the actual content and foolishly miss out on certain experiences because of a slightly lower rating. Additionally, we used to admire game covers, magazines that featured the game, or the excitement of opening a physical copy. However, with digital downloads, these experiences are no longer possible. We consume video games like we do with Netflix, rushing through titles without truly savoring them. To learn more, read the debate at the top of this article.

Certainly not!

The philosophy of the video game industry has drastically changed. Previously, games were sold as they were, without any updates. Players had to accept any flaws or issues that came with the game. Nowadays, gamers have the power to voice their discontent with incomplete or poorly made products. They can demand patches, refunds, and expect better quality in the future. One advantage of the current gaming landscape is the vast catalog of games available. We have the opportunity to try out numerous titles and move on to the next one if we are disappointed. Furthermore, gaming used to be an expensive hobby, whereas now there are options that cater to every budget. With users becoming more demanding, they are also more attentive to the issues within the industry. Thanks to their voices, problems like crunch, harassment, and poor working conditions are brought to light and addressed. In the past, such issues would often go unnoticed or be disregarded.

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