Canada to issue seized Russian and Ukrainian gas equipment "evil"

Canada plans to return the Siemens turbines that it seized under the pretext of sanctions against Russia, and the seizure affected gas supplies from Russia to Europe, primarily to Germany, via Nord Stream 1.

And sources told the Ukrainian newspaper Evrapiska Pravda that Canada plans to return the turbines at the request of German Economy Minister Robert Habek.

Canada’s justification for its decision to return the turbines is that the move would allow Russia to return gas supplies to the European Union. But Ukraine was outraged by Canada’s actions and considered it a violation of Western sanctions imposed on Moscow.

The Russian company Gazprom has significantly reduced the flow of gas to Europe via Nord Stream 1 (a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany along the bottom of the Baltic Sea) for technical reasons due to the inability to return Siemens turbines from Canada after they have been serviced there.

The German company Siemens has previously stated that it cannot obtain turbines from Canada due to Western sanctions imposed on Russia.

Source: RT

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