Media: Canada and Germany are close to an agreement on the return of turbines "Nord Stream" Russian

The Globe and Mail newspaper reported that Germany and Canada are close to reaching an agreement on the return of Nord Stream gas pipeline turbines to Russia.

According to the newspaper, citing its sources, the parties are now negotiating with Ukraine, which opposes the return of turbines to Russia. A decision may be made in the coming days. The source also indicated that there is still a lot of work to be done to reach an agreement.

At the same time, the Ukrainian Embassy in Ottawa expressed hope that Canada would comply with the sanctions imposed against Russia and not return the turbine. “We are aware of the conversation between Canada and Germany regarding the Siemens turbine, and we very much hope that the Canadian government will ensure that the current sanctions regime is fully intact,” the newspaper quoted an embassy official as saying.

Earlier, the German Council of Ministers called for constructive negotiations with Canada on the return of Nord Stream turbines, noting that it had not yet been completed.

On June 14, Gazprom announced that it was forced to reduce gas supplies via Nord Stream due to the non-return of Siemens gas pumping units after repairs and identification of technical malfunctions of engines. Siemens claims that one of the repaired Nord Stream gas turbines cannot be returned to Germany from Montreal due to Canadian sanctions against Russia.

For this reason, 40% of the gas from the maximum capacity of the gas pipeline is now pumped through the Nord Stream, which threatens Germany’s plans to fill gas storage facilities.

Source: TASS

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