Can gold replace the dollar?

International investor Jim Rogers ruled out that gold and silver could replace the dollar as a “safe haven” for investors, and said that this could be done when the global economy becomes very difficult.

High volatility in global markets could cause both gold and silver prices to fall sharply, the veteran investor said: I will buy silver because it is cheaper.”

He also pointed out in an interview with the Novosti agency that the ban on the import of gold from Russia, introduced in a number of countries, cannot work.

He pointed out that commodities such as gold, grain and oil are always in demand, although there are restrictions. “As for oil, grain or gold, you may not know where (source). at an attractive price,” he said.

On the world oil market, Rogers also considers the desire of Western countries to set a price ceiling for Russian oil unattainable.

Jim Rogers is considered one of the most famous financiers and investors in the world. Several years ago he started investing in the Russian market. In particular, he acquired a significant stake in the Russian fertilizer company Vos Agro and joined the board of directors of the company.

Source: RIA Novosti

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