British sources: Johnson may resign today

Sources told Sky News that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson could step down later on Thursday.

In the meantime, a resignation letter is being prepared, sources said, and Johnson will later hold a press conference at which he will resign.

The number of officials, including ministers and advisers, who have resigned from the government is more than 52, including Education Minister Michelle Donelan less than 36 hours after she took office.

A series of resignations from the Johnson government began on Tuesday after the prime minister admitted he was aware of allegations of misconduct leveled against former vice president Chris Pincher in 2019, but appointed him nonetheless as deputy coordinator of the Conservative parliamentary wing in February.

Boris Johnson has been mired in several scandals and repeatedly accused of lying, but he ignored all calls for resignation, some of which came from those close to him.

British media reported that the first row ministers called on Johnson to resign due to the difficult situation. Names mentioned include Home Secretary Priti Patel and Nazem Al-Zahavi, less than 24 hours after his appointment as Finance Minister.

Johnson told ministers and MPs that he would remain in office to devote his time to “very big problems” facing the country.

Source: Sky News + RT

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