Maguire linked himself to Ronaldo on social media

Harry Maguire, the captain of Manchester United, got into trouble with the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to The Mirror newspaper, Maguire liked his Instagram account for a post highlighting Ronaldo’s dissatisfaction with the team’s pay cut due to lack of qualification for participation in the Champions League.

It was not clear at first if Maguire liked the post or was making fun of his teammate, who would still be charged £360,000.

The newspaper indicated that Ronaldo’s salary had been cut from £480,000 a week to £360,000 as United would compete in the Europa League.

She explained that Maguire removed the like from the post after a while, so it is not clear whether he put it on purpose or by mistake.

And she said what Maguire did increased the amount of news about the split in the Red Devils dressing room last season.

Several reports have claimed that Ronaldo asked to leave Manchester United during this summer’s Mercato.

Ronaldo returned to Old Trafford in August last year and was supposed to help the English club in the fight for the Premier League title, but despite 24 goals in all competitions, the team fell apart and finished domestic competition in sixth place.

Source: “Agency”

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