British Ambassador reveals important Egypt investment project in the face of "A ghost threatens the whole world"

British Ambassador to Cairo Gareth Bailey spoke about the areas of Egyptian-British cooperation in projects to combat climate change and adapt to it.

In statements to Al Watan newspaper, Gareth Bailey pointed out that “there are dozens of upcoming clean and renewable energy partnerships”, explaining that “future collaborations are in wind, solar and green hydrogen.”

He also pointed to similarities between the Glasgow and Sharm el-Sheikh conferences, stating: “There are two points on which the two conferences are based. confront the impacts of climate change, which means $100 million a year in funding, and the second is for Egypt and the UK to work to build country commitment With national donations from developing countries, as well as a commitment to the Glasgow Declaration, to persuade countries to renew their commitment to resist the impacts of change every year climate change to ensure that these countries are committed to keeping their promises and playing their part in coping with and adapting to the effects of climate change, warning that “time is no longer waiting five years to renew commitments.” summit of Sharm El Sheikh.

The British Ambassador spoke about the cooperation between Egypt and the UK and the expected partnership projects in the field of environment and energy, where he explained: “We have an important project to invest in wind farms in the north of Zafarana and south of Ain Sukhna. , and it is one of the oldest projects that needs to be replaced and upgraded, and has also won the production of 125,000 tons of green ammonia per year for export. At present, more than ten British companies are cooperating with the Egyptian government with great enthusiasm and investing in this area, especially since Egypt has tremendous power in terms of renewable energy and no other country in the world has what Egypt has.”

And whether the Ukrainian-Russian crisis affects the fulfillment of their obligations by the great countries, Gareth Bailey said: “We, as the British, are committed to fulfilling our obligations to the planet.

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