Israeli media: the political system is preparing for the dissolution of the Knesset if an election date is agreed

The Israeli Knesset is preparing to make a fateful decision to dissolve the 24th Knesset as the law is expected to be approved in the second and third readings no later than next Wednesday, Walla said.

According to the Walla website, “The Knesset will be dissolved after the law is approved in the second and third readings if the coalition and opposition manage to reach a settlement on a number of outstanding issues,” as the Constitutional Committee sits in the Knesset. today, Sunday, led by MP Gilad Karev from the Labor Party to discuss the law to dissolve the Knesset.

It was pointed out that “discussions about dissolving the Knesset this time differ from previous ones in the first reading, which was approved last week, despite the decision of the Knesset Attorney General, who indicated that this committee does not have the authority to do so.”

Valla stressed that “the move is intended to ‘bypass Auerbach’ to prevent MK Nir Auerbach (right), head of the Knesset committee that has suspended its coalition membership, from seeking political gains from the Likud in its favor by working over the postponement of the date of the dissolution of the Knesset. represented by the coalition and the rest paid for by the opposition.”

And the Hebrew media outlets explained that “The Ministerial Committee on Legislation will also discuss today two special bills aimed at preventing the accused of a crime from forming a government, and will decide whether to support them, and that, according to the coalition, the chances of approval of bills against former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is very small, but its discussion is aimed at putting pressure on the opposition to reach agreements on the dissolution of the Knesset.

For his part, MK Karev said he intended to hold a discussion on the issue, and at nine o’clock the “accused law” bill would be debated, and the bill to dissolve the Knesset would be debated two hours later.

The Ministerial Committee on Legislation is also expected to discuss a bill to lower the electoral threshold for Knesset elections from 3.25% to 2% today Sunday (against the performance of small parties and the decline of large parties). Meretz) amid polls that predict his party will fail to pass the electoral threshold in the elections, amid estimates that the chances of passing the law will decrease.

Source: “I24”

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