Borrell: A difficult winter awaits us, and the next six months will be decisive

EU Commissioner for Security and Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell said that the European Union is facing a difficult winter, and the next six months will be decisive for the situation in the European Union and Ukraine.

“The situation is still very difficult for Ukraine, and also for us in the European Union, given the consequences of high energy prices, inflation and so on, we know that we are in for a difficult winter, but if we survive the crisis, we will turn to the crisis” “, Borrell said at a meeting of EU defense and foreign ministers in Prague. We have maintained our unity by maintaining a military balance on the ground, so by the spring of next year, Ukraine and from a strategic point of view.”

“For decades, our dependence on energy has been a limiting factor in developing a tougher EU stance towards Russia and in response to Putin’s authoritarian and aggressive policies, but if we can phase out energy imports from Russia, we will remove this obstacle in short. six months,” he stressed. The future is decisive.

Source: European Department for Foreign Affairs.

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