Mauritania completes 80 percent of gas field construction phases "turtle" Shared with Senegal

Mauritania has announced the completion of the 80% construction phase of the Turtle gas field in the territorial waters shared with Senegal.

Mauritanian Minister of Petroleum, Energy and Minerals Abdelsalam Ould Mohamed Saleh said yesterday, Saturday, that the percentage of completion of the Turtle (Southwest) gas field, shared between his country and Senegal, has reached 80 percent.

Ould Mohamed Saleh added that Nouakchott was satisfied with the level of progress made in this area.

He noted that large gas fields, including private ones, are being developed or studied in his country, in addition to a gas field joint with Senegal.

The reserves of the Turtle field are estimated at 25 trillion cubic meters. feet of gas, and its first shipments are expected in 2023.

On May 24, Mauritania announced that the country’s proven gas reserves are estimated at more than 100 trillion cubic meters, including those of the Turtle field, which it shares with neighboring Senegal.

Source: Mauritanian News Agency.

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