Biden’s Remarks about Finland’s NATO Membership Spark Controversy, But Trump’s Boldness Remains Unrelated to Biden’s Mental State

The British newspaper Daily Mail criticized US President Joe Biden after his controversial statements about the future of Finland after it becomes the 31st member of NATO.

Biden said during his visit to Helsinki after the NATO summit in response to a journalist’s question: “Let me be clear, I did not say that we cannot guarantee the future. For example, you cannot assure me whether you will return to your house tonight or no, and you cannot guarantee what the Alliance will do in the future.

This was in response to a journalist’s question about the future of Finland after it becomes the 31st member of NATO, and whether political differences in the US leadership could affect the White House’s commitment to it.

Which caused a wave of sharp criticism from readers of the newspaper against Biden, and here are some of them.

One reader wrote: “Keep your eyes open and see who you vote for.”

Another added: “Biden’s remarks sounded crazy, weird.”

Another commented: “If only Mr. Biden had kept quiet and not spoken.”

Another said: “Biden has two waves, either he talks about nonsense and nonsense, or he goes into the second wave and becomes rude.” Another concluded: “When I look at Biden, I get scared. His body language and his constant fall is really scary. Personally, I prefer the frankness and courage of Donald Trump.”

It should be noted that this was not the only case for Biden during his European tour: during his speech at the NATO summit in Vilnius, he confused Russia and Ukraine. After leaving Helsinki, the journalists noticed that the gangway along which he boarded the plane was, however, shorter As usual, he stumbled and fell.

It is noteworthy that Finland became the 31st member of NATO in April last year, while Sweden’s application for membership in the alliance has yet to be approved by the parliaments of both Turkey and Hungary.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that Turkey has agreed to Sweden’s membership in NATO and will soon submit documents to the Turkish parliament for ratification of the protocol on Sweden’s accession to the alliance, but no date has been set for this.

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