Belarus: Drone shot down on border with Ukraine

The State Border Committee of Belarus reported that a reconnaissance drone was shot down on the border with Ukraine, which entered the airspace of the country from the territory of Ukraine.

The Committee reported on its Telegram channel: “A new Ukrainian provocation. Another drone shot down on the border with Ukraine.”

It explains that border guards, 100 meters from the Belarusian-Ukrainian border, shot down a quadcopter drone heading from the Ukrainian side to the territory of Belarus in the Kobrin region.

According to the report of the commission: “The plane was shot down by a border patrol with a Kalashnikov assault rifle. During the examination, it was noted that he was equipped with a video camera, which was used for reconnaissance and video filming of the technical means of the border guard. on the territory of Belarus. It should be noted that in connection with this, additional verification measures are being taken.

The commission noted that a similar incident occurred on November 2, a kilometer from the Belarusian-Ukrainian border in the Gomel region.

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