Belarus announces additional strengthening of border with Ukraine

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus, Ivan Kubrakov, announced the strengthening of the protection of the border with Ukraine and the full readiness of Belarus to eliminate terrorists who may try to penetrate and invade the country.

In an interview with STV, the minister said: “As regards the service of police officers at the borders, this is not a new task. We have implemented it more than once together with the Belarusian Border Committee. guard the borders. Today we have strengthened our presence in particular on the border with Ukraine.

He added that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus has been given a clear task – to eliminate terrorists who will try to invade the country from abroad.

He continued: “The mission is clearly defined. If someone tries to commit terrorist acts on the territory of Belarus, these criminals will be eliminated. We have no other options.”

Deputy Interior Minister of Belarus Nikolai Karbenkov previously confirmed that the country’s internal forces are ready to respond to any attack, and the enemies “will receive a mortal blow in the teeth” if they conceive of aggression.

Source: TASS

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