Beijing Urges Washington to Solve Ukraine Crisis, Not Benefit From It

The Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed that Beijing does not accept US pressure on relations with Russia, and urged Washington to work on resolving the crisis in Ukraine, and not “try to take advantage of the situation.”

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said, “We never accept the accusations from the United States and the intransigent stance against Sino-Russian relations.”

The ministry stressed that Washington should work on a political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, and not inflame the conflict and try to benefit from the current situation.

Wang Yi, head of the office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the CCP Central Committee, and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

According to US State Department spokesman Ned Price, Blinken warned Wang “of the consequences and consequences if China provides material support to Russia or helps circumvent sanctions.”

Yesterday, Saturday, Wang Yi said that Beijing would publish a document at the end of this month that would set out its position on resolving the crisis in Ukraine.

Relations between Russia and China began to converge in response to Western measures and attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of the two countries, there is also a significant increase in Russian-Chinese relations in all areas, political, economic and military-technical, especially in light of the unprecedented sanctions imposed against Moscow as a result of a special operation in Ukraine.

Both sides are also participating in joint air sorties in the China Sea, in addition to joint periodic military exercises on land and sea, which confirms the great rapprochement between the two countries that together oppose the West, and confirms their determination to thwart and contain their plans.

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