Antonov: Western plans to defeat Russia failed

Russia’s ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, confirmed that the West’s plans to defeat Russia had failed and that Moscow would not give up on its goals of establishing a world order based on equality and the principles of international law.

Antonov said: “The Western world took up arms against us, but today it is clear that the plans to inflict a strategic defeat on our country have failed.”

He noted that over the past year, Russia has restored its economy, strengthened its military power and stepped up cooperation with most countries.

He added: “Yes, it’s hard for us. Yes, we live under economic sanctions. They even want to erase Russia from the political map of the world. Day after day, Russian diplomats feel the desire of enemies to undermine our centuries-old relations with the countries of the CIS, Asia, Africa and Latin America.”

He stressed that Moscow will not give up its goals, the main of which is the formation of a democratic world order based on equality and respect for international law.

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