Earthquake in Turkey prompts Moroccans to cancel all tourist bookings

The earthquake catastrophe that hit Syria and Turkey led to the cancellation of all hotel reservations for Moroccan tourists.

The Moroccan newspaper Hespress quoted the head of the National Federation of Travel Agencies of Morocco, Omar Belhashemi, as saying: “The humanitarian event has negatively affected the reality of Turkish tourism, which is a natural problem, given the scale of the natural disaster, which caused huge human and material losses.”

Belhashemi added: “More than 7 tour groups heading to Turkey have been canceled in recent days, and the same applies to Turkish tourists who have canceled their hotel reservations in Morocco.”

He said: “Turkey is the most important tourist destination for Moroccans because of the associated prices, and therefore this tragic humanitarian event will affect the tourism activity of this country in the coming months.”

While tourism expert Al-Zubayr Buhut said: “It is normal in light of the difficult humanitarian conditions that Turkey is going through, which has prompted Moroccans, as well as tourists from all over the world, to cancel trips to Istanbul.”

He added in the newspaper: “Moroccan demand for Turkish tourism products has grown at a record pace in recent years, but the number of Turkish tourists visiting the Kingdom of Morocco is still small and therefore will not negatively affect the realities of Moroccan tourism. .”

On the other hand, professional sources have recorded a slight increase in the number of foreign tourists arriving in Morocco after changing their intended tourist destination to Turkey.

Source: Hespress

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