Anti-Brexit Protesters Demand Britain’s Return to the European Union: Thousands March in Central London

Protesters Demand Britain’s Return to the European Union


The British newspaper The Independent reported that protesters organized an anti-Brexit demonstration in central London, demanding the return of their country to the European Union.

Protesters Create “Sea” of Blue and Yellow

Protesters deliberately created an image in central London that resembled a “sea” of blue and yellow (referring to the European Union flag) to demand Britain’s return to the Union. According to the newspaper.

March and Speeches

She noted that about 3,000 Britons were taking part in the march, and the column marched from Park Lane to Parliament Square, where many of the speakers taking part gave speeches.

Public Opinion and Referendum

It is noteworthy that on June 23 it became known that 58.2% of British residents would vote for returning to the European Union.

An opinion poll conducted on January 1 showed that two-thirds of Britons support a referendum on the country’s return to the European Union, two years after Britain left it.

The Brexit Decision

The UK decided to leave the European Union (Brexit) following a popular referendum in 2016, a measure that came into force by January 2021.


Source: RT

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