Former Saudi Arabian Goalkeeper, Mohammed Al-Diaye, Honored with Street Name in Ha’il: Councilor Turki Al-Sheikh Congratulates

Saudi Arabian Former Goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Diaye Honored with Street Naming

The head of Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority, Councilor Turki Al-Sheikh, congratulated former Saudi Arabian national team goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Diaye for naming a street in the city of Ha’il after him.

Al-Sheikh wrote through his X platform account in his congratulations to Al-Diaye: “Congratulations on naming a street in Hail, Abu Abdul Aziz, and you deserve it, even though you were a disaster. ”

Al-Sheikh continued by joking with Al-Dee: “I wish there was a bridge on Mob Street so we could remember Korea,” referring to a goal Al-Dee scored during Saudi Arabia’s match against South Korea in a qualifying match for the 1994 World Cup.

Al-Dey responded to Al-Sheikh’s message by saying: “You have enlightened Riyadh, Abu Nasser, and I know it is from your heart because you are a man beyond imagination who creates amazement and loves the impossible. We congratulate ourselves on the great work you have done in all regions of the Kingdom. You are a wonderful and exceptional person.”

It is noteworthy that the municipality of the Ha’il region named a street in the northern quarters of the city of Ha’il, his birthplace, after Muhammad Al-Diaye, the former goalkeeper of the Saudi Arabian national team and Al-Hilal, for outstanding service to his country over many years of sporting service.

Al-Deiya, 51, played for the Saudi Arabian national team from 1993 to 2006, competing with them in four World Cup tournaments, winning the 1996 Emirates Asian Cup title with the Saudi team and other tournaments.

As for Al-Hilal, Al-Deaiya joined Al-Zaim in 1999 from Al-Tai, a club affiliated with the city of Ha’il, after 10 years in the team’s ranks.

The Al-Hilal goalkeeper finally retired from football in 2010 at the age of 37 and was featured in a retirement match between Al-Hilal and Italian side Juventus in 2012.

Source: RT+agencies

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