Ankara: Turkey will not bear the obligations of third countries to refugees

The official representative of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Tango Bilgich, in response to British Foreign Minister Liz Terras, stressed that Ankara will not become a refugee camp and will not bear the obligations of third countries to them.

“We hope these press reports about Ms. Truss are not true,” said Bilgich. “It is out of the question that our country, which has received the largest number of refugees in the world in 8 years, should bear a greater burden.” at the request of third countries that apply an approach that is inconsistent with international standards regarding the right to asylum, Turkey will not be a refugee camp for the country and will not in any way assume the international obligations of third countries. “

“We call on all countries to fulfill their international obligations and bear equal responsibility for migration,” he added.

And The Times reported earlier that British Foreign Secretary Liz Trace said she wants to expand an agreement with Rwanda to address the migration crisis. The newspaper notes that Terrasa said she wants to start negotiations with Turkey on this issue.

Source: RIA Novosti

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