Anas Haber: Rybakina stole my title… I wish Muslims all over the world a blessed Eid

Tunisian star Anas Jaber expressed deep regret at the loss of the Wimbledon tennis title, the third Grand Slam in tennis, today, Saturday, after losing to Kazakhstani Elena Rybakina.

Anas said after the end of the final: “Rybakina stole my title, but that’s okay. I love this tournament so much. I’m very sad, but this is tennis. my team with whom I have had a great time and without them I would not have reached this milestone.”

She added: “I try to inspire everyone… I thank the audience for their support for two weeks. I wish a blessed Eid to Muslims all over the world.”

On the other hand, Elena Rybakina praised the Tunisian star, saying: “I want to congratulate her on a great match and everything she has achieved. This is amazing. I think she inspires not only young people, but everyone.”

She added, “I was under a lot of pressure. I thank the fans for their support. It was a good match. I didn’t expect to lift the title. I’m very happy. you are Wimbledon.

It is noteworthy that 28-year-old Anas Jaber became the first Arab and African player to reach the final of one of the Grand Slam tournaments.

Elena Rybakina, 23, reached the Wimbledon final for the first time in her history, her first Grand Slam title in her professional career.

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