An expert on Russia commented on a telephone conversation between the US Secretary of State and his Russian colleague

Russia expert Dr. Nur Nada, in an exclusive interview with RT, commented on a telephone conversation between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov.

Expert Nur Nada considered that the US Secretary of State’s telephone conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov carried many indications, regardless of the content of the negotiations between the two ministers.

Nur Nada added: “The first sign is that the US-Russian conflict on Ukrainian lands has entered its final stage, and the major powers have begun the process of collecting results.”

He continued: “The second sign… from the request for contact is on the American side, which confirms the implicit US recognition of Russia’s military progress on the ground and the success of the Russian administration in countering sanctions and managing the economic dossier, as well as an indirect result of the success of a very active Russian diplomacy and its success in building strong international alliances.

And the expert continued: “The third sign … direct Russian-American contact once again confirms that the countries of the European Union in this conflict are simply countries without sovereignty and subordinate to American foreign policy.”

And he added: “The fourth sign… this contact between Russian and American ministers will support government and popular forces in opposition to American and European economic sanctions against Russia.”

Source: Nasser Hatem – Cairo.


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