American magazine: Western sanctions are counterproductive and stupid … Russia and Saudi Arabia win

American Thinker magazine said that the sanctions imposed by the administration of US President Joe Biden on Russia are “counterproductive and stupid”, especially in light of high oil prices due to its shortage due to the actions of the West.

The magazine’s journalist Thomas Levson pointed out that stopping Russian oil imports does not mean that it will start to accumulate in storage, explaining that “it simply means that Russian oil will find other buyers who will pay a little less than Russia.” receive without sanctions.

Levinson noted that at the same time, due to high prices on the world market, there are discounts, while Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, “buys Russian oil at a discount” and uses it as fuel to generate electricity.

According to the journalist, the “magic of the situation” lies in the fact that Saudi Arabia, which “Biden promised to make a pariah”, can now sell oil to the world market, which it used to generate electricity, and get more for it. than Riyadh pays for oil from Russia, and therefore Russia and Saudi Arabia benefit from rising oil prices.

The writer asked the question “Who will lose?”, given that the losers in this situation are US citizens and “oil consumers around the world, especially in countries that impose sanctions against Russia.” He concluded, “Sanctions are actually counterproductive and stupid, as are many of the Biden administration’s foreign policy initiatives.”

Source: American thinker

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