Ambassador of Lugansk to Russia: Release all hostages from "nitrogen" Clearing the area from militants

The Ambassador of the Luhansk Republic to Russia, Rodion Miroshnik, said that all the hostages had been released from Azot in Severodonetsk.

Miroshnik added: “No one was left hostage. At the moment, the Azot industrial zone is completely freed from Ukrainian militants. Some of the residents stayed there, some did not want to leave the Severodonetsk region, that is, these are the people who decided to stay there for the time being, and our soldiers provided them for them.” Food, water and medicines.

The ambassador added that some people have already been evacuated from the lands of the industrial zone. “On Monday morning in the Severodonetsk Territory at the Azot plant, a little more than 500 people decided to leave the shelter, and they were taken by transport, mainly to Starlobsk … deciding where they want to go next to their relatives or to temporary accommodation centers.

Source: RIA Novosti

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