Al Faisali decides to participate in the Championship of Jerusalem and Dignity following the riots

The delegation of the Jordanian football club “Al-Faysaly” has decided to cancel its decision to leave the Palestinian territories, as today it is sent, accompanied by “Al-Wehdat” to visit the cities of Hebron and Jerusalem.

Al-Faysaly decided to return to Amman yesterday, Monday, after the “unpleasant events” that accompanied his match against Al-Wehdat in the championship, according to a statement from the club on Monday.

The club said on its Facebook page: “As a result of the unfortunate events that accompanied our team’s match against Al-Wehdat in the Jerusalem and Championship of Dignity competitions organized by the Palestinian Football Association, our team left the stadium for their place of residence. . preparing to leave tomorrow (Tuesday) for Amman.”

And Al-Wehdat club president Bashar Al-Hawamdeh said that his team will continue its participation in the Al-Quds and Al-Karama football championship after Al-Faisaly decided to return to Amman after the stoppage of the match between the two commands. , after objecting to the referee’s decision.

Al-Hawamde explained that his team’s decision was to “finish” the tournament.

A two-team match in the semi-finals of a tournament held in the occupied West Bank was stopped after extra time in the second half of the match after two Al Faisali players objected to the referee’s decision.

The Al Faisali players objected to the referee’s decision after it was considered a mistake made by the player Anas Bani Yassin against the Al Wehdat player Zayed Al-Kanbar after the latter’s intervention against the Al Faisali player Mohamed Al- Club.

During the match, fans supporting Al-Wehdat at the Faisal Al-Husseini Stadium in Al-Ramah in the West Bank threw cups of water at the players in Al-Faisaly, resulting in an Al-Wehdat player and others in Al Faisali.

And the president of the Palestinian Football Association, Jibril Rajoub, intervened in an attempt to calm the fans in the stadium.

The match, before it was stopped, mentioned a 1–1 draw in the semi-final of the Jerusalem Championship and Al-Karama in the second edition.

And Jordan Football Association Vice President Marwan Jumaa announced on Monday that the match between Al Faisali and Al Wehdat in the Al-Quds-Al-Karama Championship, to be held in the occupied West Bank, ” will not be completed today”, after it was stopped due to an objection to the referee’s decision.

Al-Wehdat was named first after beating Jerusalem’s Jebel Al-Mukaber 4-2.

The second semi-final meeting is scheduled for today, Tuesday, and the runners-up in the previous draw will bring the Jabal Al-Mukaber club and its neighbor Hilal Al-Quds to the Faisal Al-Husseini Stadium.

Source: “Media”

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